Friday, February 4, 2011

Analysis of 10k hands

Ive run a few questions through HEM in the hope of spotting a few leaks in my game. Here's what I have found...

Firstly the graph.

The overview with positional stats

Overall happy with my positional stats. Im very comfortable with the $vpip difference in my early vs late position. the 17/12 vpip/pfr could maybe be a bit tighter but I dont think that is where I am losing money.

All Pocket Pairs

Seems ok. Not sure how much I should be winning with my overall pp catagory. Maybe a question for 2p2 forums.

Pocket Pairs 22-55

This seems to be a problem. I remember this being a problem when I used to play. I may look to cut them out completely or only multiway in position. The big leak as you can see is the Big Blind. I will analyse those hands and see if there is an obvious leak or just a few unlucky hands.

Suited Connectors

Seems like I am doing ok on playing or rather so NOT playing suited connectors. I try to only play these multiway.

Called Button Raise when I am in Big Blind

Interesting. In my opinion I should only be reraising or folding vs a button steal. I dont want ot be playing out of position and If my hand cannot raise then put it in the bin. I will change this for my next 10k hands and see..

Does anyone have any other questions they analyse their database with ? I would like to hear them.

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