Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bad Beat of Life

Things in life for me are never all good or never all bad. There seems to always be this yin yang situation with me.

I have suffered the worst bad beat of my life so far. My wife woke up a few days after Christmas and decided she had no feelings for me anymore and has asked to seperate. She moved out this week taking my little 2 year old boy with her. I still get to see him but not as much as before and his future is now not so rosey. I'm not going to pour my heart out on a poker blog but there is some relevance.

The rest of my life is on fire. I am winning at poker, both online and live. Nothing large but its consistant. I have turned my $100 into $400 in just under 2 months of 10nl and small amount of 25nl. My job, i love it. My world is great. Yin Yang. Extreme volatility with an underlying flat trend.

Going forward this will mean more poker. Granted I will be out drinking and getting involved in as many women as possible but it also means I will not be doing 'relationship stuff' like watching stupid sitcoms and walking around shopping centres. I will be able to put in more hours at the virtual felt. Yin .... fkin... Yang !

Sunday, February 13, 2011

0 to Hero - killing it..

My second post now enticing the doomswitch by saying that I honestly believe I have cracked 10nl. Check this out..

Almost a 10 buy in run. I feel a lot more sharper after analysing the first 10k hands. I have made a few adjustments and I am even more so moving around tables to find the juiciest fish and not banging heads with the regs.

Next week will see me put a bit more volume in and I will start to analyse a few good hand histories.

Monday, February 7, 2011

small BOOM!!

I had a great weekend for poker. I made 5 buyins at $10nl and entered an on demand tourny for $2. Haha big bucks !! well 189 people entered

Good for the bankroll and great for the confidence.

Will still complete the next 10k hands at 10nl but assuming Im beating 10nl I will have the bankroll to take a few shots at 25nl.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Analysis of 10k hands

Ive run a few questions through HEM in the hope of spotting a few leaks in my game. Here's what I have found...

Firstly the graph.

The overview with positional stats

Overall happy with my positional stats. Im very comfortable with the $vpip difference in my early vs late position. the 17/12 vpip/pfr could maybe be a bit tighter but I dont think that is where I am losing money.

All Pocket Pairs

Seems ok. Not sure how much I should be winning with my overall pp catagory. Maybe a question for 2p2 forums.

Pocket Pairs 22-55

This seems to be a problem. I remember this being a problem when I used to play. I may look to cut them out completely or only multiway in position. The big leak as you can see is the Big Blind. I will analyse those hands and see if there is an obvious leak or just a few unlucky hands.

Suited Connectors

Seems like I am doing ok on playing or rather so NOT playing suited connectors. I try to only play these multiway.

Called Button Raise when I am in Big Blind

Interesting. In my opinion I should only be reraising or folding vs a button steal. I dont want ot be playing out of position and If my hand cannot raise then put it in the bin. I will change this for my next 10k hands and see..

Does anyone have any other questions they analyse their database with ? I would like to hear them.