Monday, August 22, 2011

Im a lurker on my own blog !

Im still here... With my current job I dont get to play much but man when I do I seem to be hitting the sweet spot. My $100 starting bankroll is now $1270. The graph above shows my cash games year to date. 36,000 hands is not a lot and I wish I could play some more.

Im now mixing things up between 50nl and 100nl only playing 200-300 hands at a time. Even though this is not by choice it does affect my play. Im focused, very focused for the 30-60mins i play. It seems that it doesnt give enough time for the other players to adapt to me joining a table and I can pinpoint the fish (yes still fish at 100nl) very quickly.

Ill crawl back into my box for now.. If anyone wants any help with 10nl-50nl send me a message or pm me on 2p2 forums.