Monday, August 22, 2011

Im a lurker on my own blog !

Im still here... With my current job I dont get to play much but man when I do I seem to be hitting the sweet spot. My $100 starting bankroll is now $1270. The graph above shows my cash games year to date. 36,000 hands is not a lot and I wish I could play some more.

Im now mixing things up between 50nl and 100nl only playing 200-300 hands at a time. Even though this is not by choice it does affect my play. Im focused, very focused for the 30-60mins i play. It seems that it doesnt give enough time for the other players to adapt to me joining a table and I can pinpoint the fish (yes still fish at 100nl) very quickly.

Ill crawl back into my box for now.. If anyone wants any help with 10nl-50nl send me a message or pm me on 2p2 forums.



Mark said...

Just read your 3 part series on 6max 50nl.

I'm looking to move up to 50nl soon.

Have these games changed much since you wrote your series in 2008?

Ryverrat said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for reading. I really do need to get back to posting some more..

I have reread my 3 part series a few times over the past few months. I think most of it still stands. I think there are definately some smarter players at 50nl than before, there are definately a lot less fish.

Other than that the fundamentals are still there. Position, player types and table and seat selection all ring very true.

I dont think 50nl has changed a huge amount at all.