Thursday, June 16, 2011

to you sir, im on a draw !

Villain was a 24/20/4.3 I sometimes 3bet here, mainly against regs but I elected to call and see a flop.

Obviously a great flop, but adding to this is a potential flush draw. I thought in the back of my mind if I get aggro here I likely get paid off from his pocket pairs but I fold out a lot of broadway and suited connector hands. The chance of a flush coming by the river is 2:1 against. so 2 times out of 3 I may be able to get some more cash here with his aggro style. A diamond may slow him down, other higher cards may help him bluff or even hit a pair.
I considered min reraising the turn but I think that looks too strong. I was also happy with my story of a draw and a flush draw is now 4:1 against.

I didnt expect the river shove but I guess thats what you find when aggro monkey is out of position. I expected to see a 2 pair hand atleast.

Im loving being back at 50nl.


$0.25/0.50 No Limit Hold'em Cash Games, 6 Players

BB: $15.00
UTG: $73.64
UTG+1: $15.00
CO: $50.00
Button: $51.50
SB: $60.79
Dealt to: Button

(1 folds)
CO raises to $1.50
Button calls $1.50
(2 folds)
Flop:($3,75) (3 Players)

CO bets $2.85
Button calls $2.85
Turn: ($9,45) (3 Players)

CO bets $6.25
Button calls $6.25
River: ($21,95) (3 Players)

CO raises to $39.40
Button calls $39.40
CO Showed
Button Showed

Button wins $98.75

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