Monday, May 11, 2009

Confused as Hell!

My game is broken.

That is my promised 10k hands at 50nl. The landslide at the beginning was the follow on from the losses I was suffering at 100nl. My game was tilted, I was over aggressive and ran into a shitload of bad luck.

The bottom of the graph was where I reigned in the aggression. I became a lot more passive which is not really my game. But the results speak for themselves.

I honestly believe that sites play differently. My days at AP were easy. My style of play must have fit in perfectly. I never had a losing week. At William Hill (ipoker) I am struggling bigtime.

I think I may stay at 50nl until im fixed.

Ive got a few interesting hand histories to talk about for the next post. Apologies for neglecitng this blog but I find it hard to write when my game is so fooked.

Positive state of mind does wonders.


Zoltan said...

i only have 1 question:

Why do you play on an other site if you have a winning site? You should stick to the site which you can play profitable.
You never know what can be disturbing. It could be speed, different type of players.....
Go back to Absolute Poker ( i was there as well and it did not work out for me)


Ryverrat said...

I do agree but there is a part of me that doesnt like to be beaten. If other people can win on the ipoker network then I should be able to.

I need to be able to adapt. Its not just about the money, its about the right decisions. And for me thats important.

William Hill (Ipoker) also fits in with my new business schoolofaces. I cant be running a poker class if I cant beat the site I am referring people to.

I also want to see if this is a bad run, and how I can handle it. Another month at 50nl will tell me a lot.

Thanks as always for the comments. Good to have some feedback.

six said...

I'm a big fan of your blog, and your advice on 50NL 6max has really helped my game. Thanks. Your recent downswing (hope things are going better now btw) reminded me a little of what I am going through right now.
I've been trying to take the game seriously since January. I started on FTP at 10NL (br $600) and ended up taking shots at 50NL (br $975-$1000) by the end of February. At this point I decided to switch to UB in order to get rakeback (I don't have it on FTP)and the deposit bonus. But despite making $355 so far in rakeback and bonuses, I am only up $110.00. My stats have been pretty consistent, but I obviously haven't been playing profitably on UB. Part of me is saying screw the rakeback and bonus, and go back to FTP. However I know I'd be leaving potential free money. It's just been frustrating. Thanks for reading, any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ryver,
i just wanted to use your code to apply to the referred poker site.

Why did you take out that post?

Ryverrat said...

Hey Zoltan. I got a mail from WH (ipoker) saying the free £50 would now be a worked off bonus on top of the 100% bonus. Still free money but different from the original cash deposit as first mentioned. They were worried that people would open the account, withdraw then leave.

I didnt want any to get upset with me for not receiving the £50 straight away so I took down the post.

Ryverrat said...

Hey Six..

Will follow your blog and post on there.