Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holdem Manager 1 Pokertracker 0

Ive been a long time fan of pokertracker. I see the software as a big brother, guiding me through the world of online poker, highlighting fish and making my life a lot easier when multitabling.

Then along came Holdem Manager.

I must say I was dubious at first but this lasted all of 10 mins. Once I worked out the differences and adjusted the layout of the HUD I instantly felt way more comfortable than I ever have with PT. Ive imported all my hand histories from PT and am now tweaking all the information I can handle in HEM.

If you havent tried this great piece of software go give the trial version a run.


DubsPoke said...

Glad you finally listened to me....and everyone else in the poker world!! ;P

WillWonka said...

HEM is the bomb. Do people still say that?

Anyway, I think you will love. This also coming from a loyal Poker Tracker ex-user.

Ryverrat said...

Thanks guys. I feel like I havent even scratched the surface with the amount HEM has to offer.

Will do some more delving this weekend.

Amatay said...

i might get that HEM thing

BTW get yourself signed upto Raisetheriver m8. Im a mod on there atm and prolly soon to be admin. Gonna get some good little leagues and shit going soon. Its bascially a forum for bloggers. Sign up, write an intro post and mention me or summat, its a gd crack and will give ur blog more exposure and stuff