Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday Ramblings

Today my baby is due to be born. The little blighter is showing no sign of entering this world yet much to his mothers discomfort. To be honest I have absolutely no idea how my life will change when he arrives. Im guessing that the volume of poker will drop for a while thats why im cramming in as much as I can at the moment. Im hoping my mindset doesnt change too much that I start to see my winrate as how many new nappies/hour I have just won.

Last night was a fun but frustrating session. I lost 3 coinflips for 1/2 to 3/4 stacks starting the session of to the downside. Understanding variance and sklansky bucks i continue on knowing in will all fall back in line over time. I then met my fish of the day (FotD). Unfortunately calling station, any two card, retarded fish boy was to my left and owned my ass for about an hour.

I lost QQ to T8s (tripped an 8 on the river)
I lost AKs to T5s (turned a flush)
I lost JJ to K6o (flop was KK9 and i didnt believe him)

He stole my money and ran..... but not that far. I had added him to my steadily growing buddy list that only contains superfish and see that he was still logged on. Not only that, his confidence must have been soaring as he was now at the $1/$2 tables. Even though i was nearing my downside stoploss for the night I couldnt pass up such a +ev situation so i added myself to the list. I got the sit opposite him which gave me a little room then 11 hands later i get this.

I still finished the session 1 buy in down but slept well knowing that this move paid off. Im wondering how long this fish will be on this site, I really cant see him lasting too long and I hope to be able to get the fishing rod out again for him sometime soon. J9o hahahahahah.

Heres a few weblinks for your amusement.

F*** my life

Make your own poster

Good luck at the tables.

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