Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Switched on my Boom Button

As my previous post said I have been laid off from my job at a bank and am now at home having fun looking after my newborn son and playing poker in the downtimes that he is asleep.

Take out the pressures (and boredom) of workinga daily job and I've found my concentration when playing poker has been at a high. I used to play in the evening after coming home from work but now i have the choice of playing at any time during the day when I feel up to it.

The results have been great...

I am feeling very happy with my game at the moment. I guess everyone does when they run well. Im not seeing many mistakes and table selection is a big factor at the moment. DONT stay at a table when the fish leave and are replaced with regs. There are so many other profitable tables to go to. Make use of them, move around and pick some good spots.

Feb will be more of the same but i think March i will try and make a proper go of it. Playing pro for a month, putting in a set amount of hours and taking it seriously to find out how much i can realistically pull in a month.

Looking forward to making this month another personal record.

I love this game!

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Cory Albertson said...

Hi Ryverrat,

I like your blog. If you get a chance, I'd like to send you the details of a small deal I have in mind for you. You can just shoot me a blank email to cory AT pokertips DOT org and I'll respond with what I have in mind.

Thanks and all the best,