Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Ipoker is littered with those bugs we know as shorties. These players are a curse to the game of poker. These are the players that sit down with the minimum buy in of 20bb and play fold shove poker. They remove the fun and a lot of the strategy involved and only play 2 streets of poker. Preflop and the Flop.

Now most people complain about shorties but I'm not going to. I have been CRUSHING them recently. I have looked at my numbers from Mar 1st and used the criteria
- pot size less than 50bb and
- allin on the flop or before=true.

I believe this captures all my hands against shorties. Im never calling a shorties bet. I am either raising to get them in or folding.

Killing them. The secret ? Read this post on 2p2....

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Zoltan said...

hello Ryver,
you are right. there are 2 types of shorties according to my experience. the good ones who have some good holdings when they go allin: AQ+.
And the "leftover" shorties who probably were full stack but playing badly....then for the last money they try to double up. I think their allin you can give with AQ easily. They usually have A7 type of crap.