Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Last month was interesting to say the least. I made a profit of $1100 + $500 in rakeback. $1600 and it could have been so much more.

I started off on a great run, with the deck hitting me square in the face. Set after Set, making great calls, picking off bluffs and making great plays agains the regs. Then midway i had the complete opposite. From hero to zero, well not quite. I feel that tilted me a little and I started losing patience and pushing the action too much. Cbetting too much out of position, playing suited connectors too aggressively, calling lighter and refusing to lay down hands in bad spots. Heres my graph.

Ive started to feel a little reluctant to expose my game on my blog. Ive seen this written before on a few a few blogs. If you are playing a lot you feel as though you may be giving a little edge to players that may look you up online. If I post my position stats for example or talk about my 3 bet range an astute player can easily use that against me. Its not as though my identity at the tables is kept a secret, I use the same name (almost) for most sites I have played at. So for now I wont be putting anything up here that I dont feel necessary.

Apologies but if I am to take this seriously then I need to sharpen all edges no matter how small they may seem.

A question.... would you feel better if you lost 10 buyins at the beginng of the month and work back up to even or made 10 buyins and lose them to end even. Same result but i wonder how many of you would feel more pissed you had the money and lost it rather than feeling you dug yourself out of a hole.


Zoltan said...

I think losing 10BI is always bad. You have to usually go back one level after such a series and see if you make bad moves. Yesterday I had a 8 BI minus. 5 flush out of which i lost 4 times to higher flushes against donkey (60/20 type)
I had 4 AA (3 times all folds to standard raise) And the last one lost where I was 82% favorite...

But i change my play on small suited connectors. and will be only agressive if i hit the str8 as in case I hit a flush i can lose to higher flushes.
And breakeven is also good results given the rakeback.
So do not worry. If your bb/100 is still 0 then you still make money on rakeback :-)

Ryverrat said...

Thanks Zoltan. Im going to probe my Holdem Manager database and take a look to find any leaks with suited connectors. I think I may also need to turn down the aggression with these.

Will report what i find in the next post.

Do you use PT/HEM ?

Zoltan said...

i use poker office

Anonymous said...

They both piss me off in equal measures to be honest.

So far this month I have ran $700 to $975 then back down to $600 and am now at $670. Not impressed in the slightest!