Friday, March 27, 2009

School of Aces

With my recent job loss and past success at poker I have decided, with a partner, to set up a poker school in the city of London. Not just any old poker school, this is pretty damn special.

We will be teaching a 'winning style' based on my style of play and also offer a beginners only course.

We have the massive advantage of being able to use one of the city's exclusive members club, Eight club.The classes will take place at the club, within their plush poker rooms and I have written a full 16 hour course which will take place over 8 weeks.

With our members being UK based I have decided to become an affiliate of William Hill (ipoker). This will allow members of the school to access UK promotions and tournaments etc while also earning us referrals in the meantime.

Im really excited about this project and I have all the time in the world to devote to it. We have branded chips, coursebooks, website and great location.

Check out the website. (and no thats not me on the front page)


SubZero said...

Good luck with the project mate, hope it goes really well. If you need some support any night (or a plant in the audience!) just let me know as I'm local.

Ryverrat said...

Thanks mate. This project should be fun. Got a great location and some really good branding.

Eight club got another club opening in Finsbury Square soon aswell.

will keep you in mind if i need a heckler :)

DubsPoke said...

How's it going so far!?

Hopefully I can catch up with you on IM this weekend.

Keep tearing it up bud.