Monday, March 23, 2009

Newtons Theory...

What goes up must come down.

Its March 23rd and ive played 16k hands. The first 8k hands were on fire, the next 8 hands turned me over and shafted me silly.

Profit for the month so far is now $830 + $360 approx of rakeback.
Running at 5bb/100 at 100nl.

This sucks

Playing a lot of hands means you see more of the good times and more of the bad times. There are also times in your game where you got a LOT of compounded bad times at once and it makes you really question your game. Ive been through it before and once the suckouts stop and the bad plays against you stop being paid off then your mind settles again. This is the bad part of poker. This is the part of the game that doesnt stop when you are on the floor bleeding, that kicks you into tilt.

I refuse to tilt.

For the rest of the month I will be at 50nl.

check out some of these bad boys.

all in a very short time....

Sorry for the note form. maybe I have blog tilt.

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Zoltan said...

hello Ryverrat,
i know what you feel. I have closed a 0 month. And I am not playing any more in March.
Just one comment. The first game.... there I think you have played your AK far too agressive. the others...bad luck.
take a break move a level down. build you BR up and move back to the higher level