Monday, March 9, 2009

Damn its hot in here.

I am still running hotter than the sun at the moment. Im sure its unsustainable but ill be smiling all the way through it. Im beating 100nl for 36bb/100 so far this month over 4000 hands. With a small loss at 200nl im netting a profit of $1200 so far. I am the most comfortable I have ever been at 100nl and I hope this run continues.

Above is this years graph. I noticed 2 key moments which I have noted on the graph. The gradient of the graph since I gave up work and the point where my redline changed.

I am confused as to why my results would be so much better for not working. I can only assume that I am not as sharp after a full days work. Currently I am playing when im very relaxed and alert whereas before I would squeeze in a few hundred hands before I went to bed each night. Damn I dont want to go back to work for a while.

The redline is self explanatory if you read the previous post. CR videos rock. This redline really does make a big difference to your winrate and its all about betting correctly post flop.

As mentioned in previous posts I am in the process of setting up a business which is poker related. This has taken up a lot of my time over the past week and I will spill the beans to all very soon. We may be linked up with William Hill (ipoker) so I am considering moving the bankroll over there. Ill be deciding this over the next few weeks.

Looks like the durrr challenge vs Patrick Antonius has slowed to a halt. Check out the details here.

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Zoltan said...

Very impressive...
I have changed to 0,25-0,5 but i play only breakeven poker this month so far. I have a serie of unluck and still breaking even.
I hope this result will last for you.