Friday, April 24, 2009

Stepping down to 50nl

April so far 100nl
16,000 hands -5bb/100 (-$800)

Thats right my game is screwed at the moment. Ive dropped $1500 from my high in the middle of this month. Im not sure what is wrong. I have reviewed hands and not found anything that stands out to how I normally play. I seem to be losing every coinflip and finding myself completed dominated in other hands. QQ vs KK on a low flop etc. AA/KK vs sets against Laggy players. I could post the hands but I dont feel like it woud do any help.

I will be moving down to 50nl for 10k hands. If my game has changed then I need to move to a safer level to fix the problems.

Poker is such an easy game when you are winning but its f*cking tough when you sit on a landslide. This is my first losing month in a very long while.

Step down, regroup and rebuild.

I would like to know if any readers have experienced such downswings and how they fixed it. Anyone ?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Ipoker is littered with those bugs we know as shorties. These players are a curse to the game of poker. These are the players that sit down with the minimum buy in of 20bb and play fold shove poker. They remove the fun and a lot of the strategy involved and only play 2 streets of poker. Preflop and the Flop.

Now most people complain about shorties but I'm not going to. I have been CRUSHING them recently. I have looked at my numbers from Mar 1st and used the criteria
- pot size less than 50bb and
- allin on the flop or before=true.

I believe this captures all my hands against shorties. Im never calling a shorties bet. I am either raising to get them in or folding.

Killing them. The secret ? Read this post on 2p2....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Last month was interesting to say the least. I made a profit of $1100 + $500 in rakeback. $1600 and it could have been so much more.

I started off on a great run, with the deck hitting me square in the face. Set after Set, making great calls, picking off bluffs and making great plays agains the regs. Then midway i had the complete opposite. From hero to zero, well not quite. I feel that tilted me a little and I started losing patience and pushing the action too much. Cbetting too much out of position, playing suited connectors too aggressively, calling lighter and refusing to lay down hands in bad spots. Heres my graph.

Ive started to feel a little reluctant to expose my game on my blog. Ive seen this written before on a few a few blogs. If you are playing a lot you feel as though you may be giving a little edge to players that may look you up online. If I post my position stats for example or talk about my 3 bet range an astute player can easily use that against me. Its not as though my identity at the tables is kept a secret, I use the same name (almost) for most sites I have played at. So for now I wont be putting anything up here that I dont feel necessary.

Apologies but if I am to take this seriously then I need to sharpen all edges no matter how small they may seem.

A question.... would you feel better if you lost 10 buyins at the beginng of the month and work back up to even or made 10 buyins and lose them to end even. Same result but i wonder how many of you would feel more pissed you had the money and lost it rather than feeling you dug yourself out of a hole.