Monday, January 19, 2009

Jan so far.

Im on a rush! Its been a while. Ive made around $1800 this month which includes that $950 bad beat jackpot.

Even though I try my best to shrug off the times when I cannot win an 80/20, lose all my coinflips and run card dead for a couple of thousand hands it still gets you down and makes you question the game and question your play. Then comes a rush and everything is rosy again.

This is a common cycle I feel with the game of poker and I say every single one if us goes through this. Im 'lucky' I guess that I do not have to rely on poker to pay any bills, never needing to withdraw any funds as I have a well paid full time job but for the players that rely on this income the feeling must be amplified on both up and down turns.

When you are on a downturn remember..

-Tighten up
-Drop down to build confidence and to not play scared money
-Reduce number of tables
-Table select well. Move tables if conditions change
-Review your session
-The good cards will come. Natural distribution

Maybe ill write a bigger post soon on controlling the tilt of a downturn.

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Amatay said...

nice month so far, keep it up fishay