Sunday, December 5, 2010

10nl Monkeys.

so im gonna hit the 10nl table with x10 buyins and see what happens. I used to be able to beat 25nl, smash 50nl and breakeven ish at 100nl but for the life of me I could never show a profit at 10nl.

I dont know what it was. I always thought the way to win at 10nl was brainless tight aggro poker. 12/11 strategy as it would be full of donks but I came to realise that there are a LOT of regs there amongst the fish all doing the same thing.

10nl stills needs a brain. There is still a rock paper scissors game to play with the various styles. I think the main difference is that you way much more passiveness at these levels. Therefore in my opinion the mistake can be cbetting too much.

Im gonna play a few thousand hands to warm up again.. so far tonight 600 hands and im down 2 buyins.. 10nl still finding my feet.... haha who ever would have thought I would say that.

Ill throw it out there... What is the main skill to beat 10nl ?

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