Friday, December 24, 2010

So... I suck at 10nl


I have turned into a poker retard ! almost 10k hands 5 buyins down and thats running good, 5 buyins over EV.

I would like to think its variance but I cant. I got beat. Im gonna study where I went wrong. and post a few hands up here.

Ive never been able to beat 10nl. Maybe I should jump straight to 50nl where I was comfortable but I dont like the fact that I can beat the game here...

Anyone else have this problem ?

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DubsPoke said...

lol - very happy to see you back! 10NL is all about value betting. If being shown strength, fold. Be prepared for the weak tight. Pot-sized cbets are good if you hit. Don't be afraid to NOT cbet at this level if you missed. You'll get back in the groove quickly enough. Like riding a bike for the first time in 5 years....going to be a bit wobbly at first but soon you'll be cruising down the street.