Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Target Acquired

Well the BR has moved from $100 to $160 through a few small MTT's and just under 5k hands of 10nl. As I mentioned before I have never been successful at 10nl yet I used to beat 25nl and 50nl fairly easily. I think this time I can beat 10nl.

One of the things I am doing is being very choosy on table selection. I look for tables with 40%+ avg vpip. I open 10 or so tables and whittle them down to 4 tables with the right potential for profit.

Lets state an obvious note here. THERE ARE FISH AT 10NL ! There... not rocket science but how many tables do I see of people sitting amongst 5 other regs and playing auto poker. Im not going make much money from them and they are not going to make much money of each other. Up and leave. Also when you run into a fishy player dont be stubborn to up and leave if they have position on you. ITS HARD TO MAKE MONEY OUT OF POSITION ! Obvious fact no.2 there. But again I see a lot of player battling against aggro fish when they are out of position, not being able to maximise their good hands and being pushed around every hand.

There are a lot of good tables and a lot of good fish. Patience is a skill needed in poker not just at the table but before you even sit down.

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