Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Hi all,

This seems a bit weird as I am speaking to absolutely no-one at the moment but I have gone back and read blogs from their starting post before so someone, someday may read these words. To be honest there isnt anything useful that will be written in my first EVER blog post. Just an introduction of me and where I will be taking this blog for the future.

I am currently living in Sydney and have been playing poker as a hobby for around 5 years. I think i read my first poker book 4 years ago and applied this to the home games I played. I made a decent amount of cash, not due to any real skill but the lack of skill of some in the game.

With the buzz of the game and the lack of weekly games i turned to online poker and lost. I reloaded and lost. Online poker is rigged right ? Haha I always remember seeing a player on my table R.E.M. from Essex on Pokerstars. I would think it unreal how there were so many tables on Stars but he would randomly be sitting at mine. Well played mr R.E.M. for chasing down that fish. me!

Zap forward now 4 years later and im doing ok. I wont say doing well as im always wanting to improve my game and im not making the regular income that I want to at present. I have accounts at most of the main sites under various names. My main site to play is Full Tilt.

I spent most of my time previous to 2007 playing SitnGo's and MTT's. I play MTT's $5+1-$24+2 buyins with medium success. My largest MTT win has been $1900.

Since July 2007 I switched to cash games. On Full Tilt I play $.50/$1 and make a steady profit.

My aim for this blog is firstly a personal diary to myself, something to look back and reflect on whether i run good or bad. I want to capture my mindset at the time and my attitude towards poker. I will document my journey with the utmost honesty. I can accept losing, that is poart of poker, I am self critical and will build on mistakes not linger over them. Losing is part of winning in poker, players that cannot accept a loss and that cannot see poker for the 'correct decision not results orientated' plays can not be winning players.

I want to also use this as a forum for any readers to comment, criticise, congratulate hand analysis, tournaments etc. This should be a two way thing and it will be nice ot know that someone is out there listening to me drivvle.

Ok thats me in a nutshell. Thats the plan for now. Its New Years day so a belated Happy New Year to you all. Sydney feels like the best place to be in for New Year. Im as happy as a pig in sh*t.

Good luck at the tables.

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