Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tournament Succes 1 Cash Games 0

The Good

I saw this $5 about to start and Chip Jett was registered so i jumped in and hoped to play against him sometime down the line. I played really well considering ' The Bad' (See later in post). Final hand saw this :-

When the money went in -

Board: 8h Qc 7c
equity win tie pots won pots tied
Hand 0: 76.768% 76.77% 00.00% 760 0.00 { KsQd }
Hand 1: 23.232% 23.23% 00.00% 230 0.00 { 7d6h }

A nice 3 hour tournament to fall down on the final hand a 3-1 favourite.... still 2nd place is good for me.

The Bad
Did i have a run at the cash tables last night. I've not seen this volatility in my bankroll in such a short space of time for a while. In 2 hours I had been up 2 buyins then down 4 buyins and finished down 3 buy ins. Tilt ?? I think so. After being sucked out in a big pot by a river chasing fish i managed to not think straight. I lost 2 buyins alone on calling an all in with AQo and another pushing an Ace flop with AQo and running in to AKo. Both i would not normally do but at the time i said to myself i wasnt on tilt. TILT is evil. You can think at the time you are playing your a game still but when you reflect back you can see moves that you would not have done if you had just sat down to start your session. I suppose this is like sinking 3 or 4 beers and saying that you are sober then wobbling a little when leaving the pub. TILT. Lesson learned.

I am definately one to stick to my bankroll management. I have a very specific chart drawn out that i keep at my desk.
30 buyins move up
10 buyins move down
dont spend more than 1% off your bankroll to enter a tournament.

Lets see where this takes me. I am starting with a current balance of just under $1500. This puts me squarely in $0.50/$1 cash games and $10 tournaments.

Good luck me !

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