Sunday, January 6, 2008

Variance is a Bitch

I had another bad run at the tables at the weekend. Down another few buyins in, not the best start for my blog.The money in ahead, the result negative, setting up hands to see them drowned at the river.
I had a semi loose image at the table so i can understand he thought i was bluffing a Q. The image was right, the betting was right. damn that 2 outer. He was a solid player and at least he apologised... grrr

I am determined to keep playing in exactly the same way. Analysing my Pokertracker stats, reviewing big wins/losses. Making sure the decisions were right.

I read this once before and firmly believe that the more bad beats you see, the better you are playing. If you are seeing a bad beat, it means you were ahead. Rinse, lather, repeat. There is no such thing as a level of luck. Luck is just a historical view of results in probabability. Poker is a long term game.

There is a relatively new card room opened in Sydney. This place looks quite decent. They run tournaments every day. Not sure if there is any cash tables down there yet but will take a look soon. I feel like Sydney is going through the start of real interest in poker. The same sort of feeling that London had about 3 or 4 years ago. The are showing more WSOP on Fox, more advertising is seen in bars for real money tournaments, Star City casino is rammed with players (The waiting list is ridiculous). I think in a few years poker will be a very popular game here. Shame i wont be here to relish in it. They also have the Aussie Poker League which is a joke. I played one of these events earlier in the year. You play all night in one of their chosen venues (bars/clubs). These are freerolls and you win points which go towards an overall league with a prize at the end. You can imagine with these freerolls being in a bar that you get some ridonkulous play. Dont get me wrong i'm all for playing bad players, thats where our money flows from but to have a shot at the APL prizes you have to play these games around 2-3 times a week, devoting these evenings to play donk freeroll turbos against muppets who dont even know the hand ranking chart. Not for me.

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