Saturday, June 13, 2009

100nl player only.

Well since moving to Wiliam Hill I have been given a beating at 100nl. I am a comfortable winner at 50nl but I am considerably under EV at 100nl.

I have made a decision this morning to stick it out at 100nl and not drop down to 50nl each time to rebuild. I am currently looking to get back into work so have a limited amount if time left playing poker. I have a lump of cash in the bank and am willing to reload if needed.

This will give me a good shot again at 100nl and will hopefully overcome the short term effects of variance.

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Zoltan said...

Damn I know how you feel....this WE I tried to enter the world of 0,5-1 USD. The games are there not sooo tight. There are players who with top pair J kicker go all in. There is a lot of bluffing....
Unfortunatelly my KK and QQ got beaten up by sets. And ended the first try with I am also back to lower levels.