Friday, June 12, 2009

Another shot, Another sick feeling.

Anyone that has been following me has seen my recent move to William Hill (ipoker). My move from 100nl, down to 50nl, back to 100nl, down to 50nl and my now try again at 100nl.

Well fuck me. Im once again 5 buyins under ev and am forced to yet again drop down to 50nl in line with my bankroll requirements.

The age old saying.. If only 1 would go my way.

I had this guy on my buddy list and was watching him bluff his way through a lot of pots. I was happy how I played this hand knowing his range included a lot of draws and he had been overbet bluffing other players.
I was 90% on the flop, 78% on the turn when we got it all in for 411bb pot.

Time to beat up the 50nl players again..

This website sums up how i feel. :)
Fuck my life

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