Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Im back to 100nl

I spent a week away up in the Lake District and have come back with my head firmly screwed on. The 2 weeks before I went away I felt I had got my game back on track. I have reversed my downswing.

With my tight bankroll managment i had to drop to 50nl after my tumble. After 6 weeks of rebuilding I am now back rolled for 100nl again.

Its taken a while to get my head back in the game, taken a lot of soul searching after my first true downswing. Reading 'the poker mindset' helped me huge. It really brings back the facts that you know about long term poker, variance, tilt and BRM and puts them in a clear view again.

I recommend anyone having troubles with their game or sturggling with bankroll and variance to read that book. Invaluable imo.


BLAARGH! said...

Along the same lines, I highly recommend Tommy Angelo's book "Elements of Poker". Definitely helped me with my tilt issues...
Good to see you back in action...

Ryverrat said...

Thankyou. I will take a look at that one.

Zoltan said...

Hello Ryverrat,
congratulations. I have now the bankroll to play on 100 NL..(20BI)but I am still thinking if I should just keep on playin on 0,25-0,5 where I have a 7BB/100 and get around 600 EUR out each month or to move...we will see.

My recommendation for you on a good book:
Harrington on cash games. I think this have changed a lot the way I play and I can recommend this to you as well.


Ryverrat said...

Thanks Zoltan. I have read both Harrington on Cash books and also recommend them.

Good luck with your decision at 100nl. I dont think there is a huge difference between 50nl and 100nl, slightly more aggro, slightly less fish but i think the main hurdle is getting used to losing and winning double sized amounts from what you are used to.