Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dealing it Simple for a Poker or Casino Night

If you are getting into gambling and struggling to learn the intricacies of dealing at games, there is new service that is aimed at making life a little easier at your next gambling session or fun casino hire night. At most gambling parties, friends will typically deal cards but certainly without the flair, skill and style of a professional dealer at a casino. Learning these all important dealing skills can take years of dedication and training.

Many people go to casinos to experience the environment and having a professional deal at a game is a significant part of creating that picture. A dealer who knows his cards well will add a certain dynamic to a game which otherwise would be missing and often leads to players
betting higher, creating a more electrifying game.

One website that is trying to bring this casino night magic a little closer to us, is a site called Dial A Dealer. The website resembles a social network for professional card dealers and casino croupiers. From the site, you can learn about the different card dealers in your area and choose to hire a true professional dealer for your next game.

All of the dealers on Dial A Dealer list their direct contact phone numbers to make it easy to get in touch and get a quote. Currently there is a growing user base of dealers from the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand with no shortage of business in their local areas. Some dealers are even prepared to travel great distances to deal at your game.

The site is designed from the ground up to be easy to navigate and adds lots of useful touches like being able to see a list of tournaments that dealer have previously played at and their
specialities or areas of expertise. Most dealers are adept that the standard Black Jack, Poker, and Texas Hold-Em card games and a few are even comfortable with operating a roulette wheel and other typical non-card related games. Since the service attracts a large number of casino professionals, a few of the dealers can even arrange to book local venues or hire equipment for parties or corporate events in addition to private dealing services.

Alongside the dealer directory is a comprehensive article section covering all manner of gambling related stories including tips and trends including tipping etiquette and laying down the all important rules of the game. There is a wealth of information on the site and plenty of useful info for both novices and regular players. To further help visitors keep up to date with news from the gambling industry, there is a regular blog run by the creators of the site to keep visitors informed and the dealer community engaged.

The site’s design is aptly centered around a typical gambling card table you might find in your local casino. The design is quite innovative with careful attention paid to delivering the information contained in the site in the most friendly and approachable way.

You can find out how to book a professional dealer for your next game at www.dialadealer.com.

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